Increasing the value of your home doesn’t have to be expensive

Often when people think of ways to add value to their home they think of big renovation projects like extensions, creating open-plan living spaces, adding extra bedrooms, and the like. But adding value to your home doesn’t have to come at such a huge cost.

You can add value and increase the overall functionality of your home with smaller renovation and building projects.

Most popular small building projects

Decks and patios

One of the best ways to improve the usability of your home is to make the outdoors more family-friendly. Make it more attractive to people to go outside.

Two of the best choices for that are adding or improving a deck. This works especially well in areas where there is a good elevated view you can take advantage of. Who wouldn’t like to be able to walk out of their living room onto a fantastic new deck and take in the local sights.

For homes with living spaces on the ground-floor, a patio is a great addition. This can make damp ground usable. You can also add, a BBQ and seating area, decorating the patio with plants and other adornments.

Retaining walls, fencing, and garden buildings

Still outdoors, improving walls, fences, or adding outdoor buildings and garden features like a pergola can not only add value, but make the garden area look much more attractive.

Popular small renovation projects

Bathroom and kitchen renovations

Going indoors, the two most valuable renovation projects you can have carried-out are a bathroom, or a kitchen renovation or make-over.

Both of these add significant value to your home, but they also add a huge amount of extra utility. An old bathroom is likely to be a bit cramped, and will look dated at best. Combining a toilet and an old bathroom into one, new modern-looking room will have a huge impact.

Similarly with your kitchen. Old appliances, cabinets, and layout can make even a good-sized kitchen feel tight. A new design, upgraded appliances, and fresh decorating will make your kitchen much more usable, and look great too.

Opening-up internal space

Often, old designs needed load-bearing walls to stop the house from falling down. This restricted the options for creating open spaces in your home. Nowadays, we can open-up those spaces by using the latest building materials and techniques while keeping your home safe. If you want to get rid of an annoying wall but aren’t sure if the house will fall down, give us a call.

External maintenance and repair

Often people neglect to paint or re-seal their exterior wall materials. Over time their house can become worn by the wet weather, and harsh sun we get in Auckland. As a result, the external walls become damaged, leaky, or just plain ugly.

Replacing or re-cladding your walls can not only make your home look far more attractive, but it can make it healthier and cheaper to run, too. No more damp, no more draughts, no more lost heating.

Regular maintenance projects can save you money too

We often find that people need us to carry-out small renovation projects imply because they house wasn’t maintained well. As they say, a stitch in time, saves nine.

Here are some common reasons to carry-out maintenance small projects we can do for you.
• Make your home safer
• Healthier living environment
• Longer life
• Reduced heating bills
• More attractive appearance
• Lower renovation or maintenance costs in future
• Fix small jobs before they become big projects
• Keep your insurance cover affordable

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