Hire A House Builder To Build Your Dream Home

Many people have the dream of building, or having built, their dream home. At Fever Pitch, we build homes to fit your lifestyle, family needs, and to get the best out of your section, including, light, efficient use of space, and making best use of the orientation of your new home. If you are thinking about building a new home, here are a few ideas to think about and an insight into how we work.

The Land

If you already have a section, so much the better but if you want help in finding the perfect section for you, we have partners who can help you with that aspect.

The New Build Process

You talk, we listen

When we meet you, we like to let you talk about your hopes and aspirations for your new home. We want to find out about your family, your lifestyle, and what you want for your household.

We will also help you understand the different consents you will need from the Council, and give you a guide as to how long that process takes.

Another key questions is who will be the project manager for the building process? One of the key services we offer, is project management, not just for our own building projects but to third-party projects too.

More questions

We firmly believe that the more questions we ask, the better the end result will be for you. So we like to get an idea of the type of materials you are considering, what fixtures and fittings, and even the interior design feel you want.

We also want to get a feel for your budget so as you talk, we can look at the land and guide you as to what is achievable within that budget on that section. Sometimes people’s ideas are just too costly for their available finance, so we like to manage expectations from the start. This can include finishing materials, amenities like a pool, or heating systems. We can give you a ball-park during our early discussions so you can work things into your budget, and plan.

Designing your home

You might already have an architect that you want to work with. That’s fine, and we have worked with many architects and designers. On the other hand, we can introduce you to highly-skilled and creative house designers who can turn your vision into a blueprint for us to work from.

The build process

Communication – the most important part of the building process

At Fever Pitch, we believe that regular, and open communication is the secret to a successful new house build. From the start we talk regularly about each stage of the process, from the initial design concept through planning, consent, and especially the building.

We like to have an on-site progress meeting each week so you are aware of any issues that have cropped up, you understand where we are according to schedule and budget, and you can make any decisions that might be needed.

Review our previous work

The best possible test of our work is to look at other projects we have worked on. And beyond that, we encourage all of our prospective clients to talk to some of our previous customers to see how we worked for them.
• Did they get a good result?
• Were we on budget, and in time?
• Are they happy with their new home?

We will happily give you references early on to help you make your decision.

If you want a one-hour, no obligation chat about building your new home, feel free to call us on 021 209 2214 or email at admin@feverpitchbuilding.co.nz.