Commercial Building Work The Big Contractors Don’t Want

Commercial building work is usually a huge project costing many millions of dollars. This is why the major construction firms like them – lots of revenue. However, there are plenty of smaller commercial construction jobs that are not as big nor as expensive. For the same reason, the big construction companies don’t want these. That makes it difficult to find a good commercial builder for your smaller commercial building work.

That is where we can help.

We are a smaller building company without the huge overheads that the biggest contractors have which means we are happy to look at those smaller commercial building projects you might have.

The Types of Commercial Building Work We Do

Office Space Reconfiguration

There is an increasing demand for office fitouts or reconfiguration, particularly since Covid-19. With more people working remotely, that has freed up office space in Auckland. Companies who rent office space, office building owners and managers are reconfiguring the vacant office space to suit the needs of different businesses. This might need more flexible working spaces, open-plan offices, more meeting rooms and many other variations to suit the changing demands of modern working life.


Co-working or shared-office space is another growing trend. Rather than renting an office on a long-term lease, people can drop into a shared office space when they need such as for a meeting, if they are visiting Auckland and for many remote workers, to have some social interaction.
It is easy to convert a warehouse, office floor or even a large shed into co-working spaces.

Office Fit-out

When a business rents a floor of an office building, they will more than likely want to put their mark on it and to set it up to suit their particular needs. This might involve shifting office walls to make a new layout, add meeting rooms, or create relaxation areas or showers for the staff.

Office Space Repairs

Offices just like any other building will get damaged at some stage. These jobs are usually too small to interest a commercial builder, but we can help with office repairs in Auckland.

Apartment Remediation

This can work two ways: converting apartments into offices or converting offices into apartments. As companies reduce their need for office space, it makes sense to convert that into inner city apartments where there is a huge demand for more accommodation.

Generally, the services like electricity, plumbing and data are already installed in the framework of the building. It simply needs to have the floor layout reconfigured to create new office or living space.

Leaky Building Repairs

Leaky homes were notorious but there were also many leaky commercial buildings. The causes were the same i.e. poor design, low quality materials and sub-standard workmanship. We have experience in remediating leaky homes, so it is relatively easy to use those skills to repair leaky commercial buildings.
We can repair and restore your leaky office or commercial building to make it usable again which of course, will make it a valuable and income-earning asset again.

Size of Commercial Projects We Work On

We do not undertake massive initial construction projects. Our experience is in working on repairing or reconfiguring existing buildings. These can range from single-storey units to multi-level office or apartment buildings.

If you have an apartment or office building that you want to upgrade, repair or reconfigure, we can help with your commercial building work in Auckland.