Surefire Signs Your House May Need Recladding

The old real estate agents’ phrase, “curb appeal” can also apply to the owner, not just potential buyers. Many homeowners want their house to look good, not just for the neighbours but for themselves too.  They don’t want to come back to their house and see a tatty looking building they call home. Having a good-looking home is an expression of their values. The exterior appearance of the house is probably the most important factor when it comes to creating a positive impression for the homeowner and visitors.

Unfortunately, too many people overlook the need for exterior maintenance until it becomes a major issue. And maintaining the cladding is one of the biggest returns on investment you can make to your home. If you pay close attention to the cladding, fixing it as soon as you spot an issue. It will repay itself many times over.

Here are a few surefire signs that your home might require recladding.

What Is Recladding?

Rather, what is cladding?

Cladding is any material that’s designed to be affixed to the framework to create the exterior walls of a building.  Not only does it provide different finishes and appearances to a building but it also provides protection from the elements and insulation for the occupants.

Many people associate cladding with the leaky home plasterboard but that is only one material. There is a wide range of cladding materials from better quality plasterboard to weatherboard wood, rusted metal, vinyl, faux stones, faux wood and many other materials.

Recladding is the action of replacing the old cladding that doesn’t provide the same level of protection any longer.

Telltale Signs That Your Building May Need Recladding

Mould on wallsThere are several common reasons why a home might need recladding.

Besides the “leaky home” issue, there are several other signs to look out for.

Visible water leaks inside the house is a strong signal.  This is especially important if your home has a wooden framework as water ingress over an extended period can affect the structural integrity of framing. Even treated wood can be affected over time. This will often lead to degradation of the walls, leading to the swelling of boards and architraves.

Moisture leads to mould and mildew growths. You may notice this as black marks on the walls or as unpleasant odours.

Warped flooring is another common sign that your house has been affected by excess moisture. Apart from being unsightly, warped floors are a huge hazard, as they increase the risk of slips and falls.

Staining on floors and walls is another warning sign that you might have external leaks and need recladding. You should check your cladding as soon as possible. Look for dark patches and wet areas, particularly in the corners of the rooms.

Why Is Recladding Such A Good Idea?

There are two huge reasons to hire a recladding contractor to inspect your house.

First of all, there are health issues.

Mould and mildew may trigger severe respiratory problems, as well as many other health issues. This should be the first and foremost reason to carry out an exhaustive recladding assessment. If you do have mould, it will need treating by a specialist mould removal company.

Second of all, there’s the financial issue.

Pt Chev recladding
Masada cladding material

If your cladding isn’t treated, fixed or replaced quickly, then much bigger issues can develop.  Quickly you can go from an easy fix to having rotted framing, warped floors and damp internal walls.  The cost for repairing these is far great than having a recladding job done.  The recladding will need to be done anyway, so it makes sense to fix it sooner rather than have it develop into a much more expensive project.

Third, is the value of your home.

This is especially important if you are thinking of selling sometime soon. Your home’s curb appeal is one the main selling points. According to real estate experts, curb appeal may increase the market value of a property by up to 25%. If the walls of you home are dirty, damaged, or in disrepair, that will be big bargaining chips for any potential buyer.

A fourth reason is your quality of life.

If you plan on living in your house, repairing damaged cladding is going to make your home look better, and that will make you feel better too. And the longer you intend staying in that house, the less will be the annual cost to make your home give you a good feeling about it.

Pt Chev Recladding

Pt Chev has gone up in value a lot in recent years.  If your home is need of some repairs, this will give buyers more bargaining power as they hunt for a do-up steal. Don’t give them that opportunity.

Always remember that house recladding doesn’t address solely water leaks and structural damage. House recladding can be the perfect opportunity to update the exterior of your home with modern materials that look better and are more weather-friendly.

If you think your home might have some cladding problems or you simply want to make your home look more modern and improve its appearance, please give me a call me on 021 209 2214 or email I will be happy to talk to you about your cladding.