Four Types Of Home Renovation Projects When You Need Building Companies

Home renovations means different things to different people ranging from redecorating to large-scale home extensions. For this article, we are going to look at bigger renovation projects where you will most likely need to hire a Ponsonby home renovations building company. We will look at some of the typical types of service that you might be considering to upgrade or extend your home. Here are five major home renovations for building companies.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are colloquially known as the smallest room in a home, but they can sometimes require the most work to bring them up-to-date. Given the small space that is generally available to work within a bathroom, coming up with an innovative renovation that will give you a “wow” factor, can be a challenge.

One of the biggest constraints is the need for the plumbing. It is not easy and certainly expensive to move plumbing pipes and outlets, so a bathroom renovation requires imagination and attention to detail to give you a fantastic bathroom remodeling outcome.

A bathroom remodel can also be quite costly. However, if you ask a real estate agent, they will tell you that the second most important room in increasing the value and desirability of a home is the bathroom. With that in mind, it does make sense to renovate your bathroom to the highest standard that you can. That means not cutting corners but investing what you can afford to make a top-class bathroom renovation.

Kitchen Renovations

The highest value home renovation is a renovating a kitchen. The kitchen is the most important room when it comes to selling a home so investing money in a good kitchen remodeling project will add both and make your home more saleable.

A kitchen renovation is not a cheap exercise nor is it simply installing new appliances, although that will most likely be part of your expense. But kitchen remodeling expenses can be significant even without buying new appliances.

One of the reasons for the cost of a good quality kitchen renovation is people often want to open up two or more rooms to create an open-plan living and kitchen area. That will involve removing walls and making good the space created. It can then include integrating the style and feel of both rooms into one larger living space.

However, even without making a big living space, kitchen renovations can be a big project. This can depend on the age of the home, the standard of cabinetry and do you want a utility or laundry room as well.

But these investments are where the increase in value comes. With that in mind, it makes sense to hire a home renovation builder that has experience in top-quality kitchen remodeling.

Home Extensions

Many people often think of remodeling and home renovation in terms of working with an existing space. Yet there are also many homeowners that want to extend their home. That might be an additional bathroom or bedroom, a sunroom or maybe a granny-flat.

For any of these, you will certainly want to talk to a licensed Ponsonby home renovations builder or building contractor. These are big projects that require multiple trades to build to compliance, including footings, framing, electrics, maybe plumbing, roofing as well as the decorative aspects. Increasingly insurance companies require using registered building companies and trades for a home to be compliant.

Not only that, it makes it much easier for you since you only need to hire one building company. At Fever Pitch, we can also provide Project Management for home renovations for you. This will save you loads of time researching, assessing and managing a wide range of different trades and services.

Another advantage of hiring a single home renovation builder is that we can manage the costs better for you. That includes making sure labour is not idle, that people arrive when they are needed, plus we can also negotiate a better price on materials. We purchase far more materials than an individual homeowner will buy so we have purchasing power which can mean some significant cost savings for a Ponsonby home renovation.

Home Restoration

Another big renovation job we come across is a home restoration. This is not so much upgrading a home but restoring one. This might be an old Ponsonby villa for example or after a major event like a fire, storm or flood.

These disasters are hugely stressful for people as they are not planned unlike a renovation project. People also have very little time to organise where they will live while the works are carried out. Plus, they are usually having to deal with insurance companies which in itself is not an easy task.

All this means that a home restoration project needs to be handled with care and consideration for the distressed homeowners. At Fever Pitch, we like to look after our clients, keeping them informed at all stages of the restoration or renovation project. Communication is key.

Choosing a Ponsonby Home Renovations Builder

We have worked on many home renovating projects. These vary from smaller renovations like kitchens and bathrooms, to major home renovations and house extensions. We have a team of proven trades and skilled workers that we know are reliable and importantly, do a great job.

Some companies might only offer one specific service but others, like Fever Pitch, can help with all of these major home renovation projects. If you are thinking about any type of home renovations project, please call us on 021 209 2214 or email us at and we will be happy to have a no-obligation chat about your ideas.