Signs Your Home Needs Recladding

For some people, the outward appearance of their home is important. For others, they merely want the exterior to protect the building keeping the inside warm and dry. Whichever camp you are in, there is a common issue – making sure the exterior cladding of your home is sound and of good quality.  If it is not, then you might need to reclad the outside of your home.

But how do you know if your home needs recladding? Here are five common signs that you should call in a cladding expert to advise you.

You Have Frequent Repairs And Repaints

  • Have you been calling tradies or handymen on a regular basis to come to fix something at your home?
  • Is paint peeling in different rooms in the house?

If you answer yes to either of those questions, there is a high chance that your cladding needs attending to. The longer you leave it to fix the cladding, the more patches repairs you will need and of course, the more it is going to cost you to fix those issues.

You Notice Moisture and Rot Damage

Avondale recladding builder
Damp patches can be a sign for recladding

This occurs mainly in houses that have a wooden frame rather than a brick structure. This is because of the different cladding materials that are used as external cladding on timber frame homes.

If you do spot any excess moisture, for example after a heavy rainstorm, wood rot can quickly spread to other parts of the framing. This is a bit like the end-result of a leaky home with sodden wood.

If the rot or water damage spreads, you will end up spending a lot of money as you will have to repair the affected parts of the frame as well as recladding the exterior of your home.

Your Electricity Bills Are Rising

If there are gaps or poor joints in the existing cladding of your house, then wind can easily enter the house making it cold inside. People will then turn up the temperature of the heating, drawing more electricity.

To compound the problem, heat can escape through those gaps and joints. Not only is cold air getting in, but your heated air is getting out.

If your heating bills are rising quickly, contact an Avondale recladding builder to check your exterior walls for gaps and poor joints.

There Are Visible Cracks In The Cladding

All of the above problems with your cladding will be due to cracks or gaps.  However, quite often they are not easy to spot being high up on the walls or inward pointing reversed joints. You will certainly need the expertise of an experienced recladding builder in Avondale.

However, sometimes, the damage or cracks will be quite obvious to the naked eye. There will be no need to have an expert check. You simply need to call them in to assess the recladding work you need.

Your Home Has An Outdated Look

Avondale recladdingA final reason you might want to consider recladding your Avondale home is aesthetic appeal.

Tastes and fashions change in housing just like in clothing. What may have been a modern look 30 years ago, is almost certainly an outdated style today. If the current cladding is still in working order and doesn’t show any signs of wear or deterioration, then from a practical perspective, it makes sense to keep your current cladding material.

However, as with most products, cladding can start to age in performance as well as fashionable appearance. So pay attention to your cladding, and you might get a modern recladding giving your home a completely new feel to it.

Also, if you are thinking of selling your home and the cladding is not in good shape, it might be a sensible option to have the home reclad so you can get a better price for it.

Obviously, you will need to run the numbers to see if it is a financially viable option. Even if the outcome is marginal, brand-new cladding can be the difference between being another run-of-the-mill house on the block or a quick sale.

The Key With Recladding

The most important issue with and cladding issues is to act at once.  The longer you postpone any inspection or repair, the greater the damage and cost will be.

If you suspect any issues with your cladding, call us on 021 209 2214 or email us here