Avondale Home Renovations Builders – Picking The Good From The Rest

Avondale house renovations
Canal Rd, Avondale

Lots of people in the Avondale are wanting to renovate their home. Whether it’s one of the old villas like those on Canal Rd, or a more modern house that needs bringing up-to-date. People are seeing the value of house renovation in the Avondale area. However, history is littered with horror stories of rogue builders so this article will look at some of the good points and then some bad signs to watch out for, to help you choose a good Avondale house renovation builder.

The Good Things About Home Renovation Builders

Getting The Renovations Done Quicker

If anyone has tried even basic DIY projects at home, they will know that they take far longer than expected. And let’s be honest, the end-result is often not what was hoped for at the outset. Make no mistake, a major renovation project like a kitchen make-over, creating an open-plan living and kitchen area, or adding extra bedrooms, is going to take a long time. Even for an experienced renovation building company.

One positive thing about working with an experienced Avondale home renovation builder is that they will be able to do the renovation building works much quicker than even a competent DIY-er.

Unless the amateur has deep pockets or good funding, they will be working during the day which means they can only do any renovation work in the evening, when they are tired, or at weekends. They will probably be working solo too. Compare that to a full-time renovations contractor with a team of experienced tradespeople, working 40 hours a week.

A Better Renovations Result

Besides their speed, the professionals also know how to do the different types of work. In fact, there will be specialists rather than generalists, working on the more difficult parts. Electrics, plumbing, framing, gib or plastering, and so on. They won’t have to learn how to do each trade, but will have thousands of hours experience.

That means, they will make your home look a lot nicer than it did before but also produce a far better result at the end than someone learning each craft as they go along. They are called skilled workers for a good reason, and that will mean a better outcome for you.

Points To Be Aware Of About Home Renovation Builders

These days, it is harder for a very poor builder to set-up shop as industry-standards and licensing are now required. However, that doesn’t mean that all renovations builders perform to the same high quality.

There are some home renovation builders that use less-skilled labour, some will rush the work to get it done quickly. This is especially true if they are behind schedule. They will hurry to get finished as soon as possible to avoid penalty clauses.

Others use poorer quality materials.

A lot of the renovation work will never be seen by the homeowner, all the foundations, framing, insulation, electrics etc. It is certainly possible for the poor-quality builder to skimp on these, unseen but crucial elements.

The finish is the obvious aspect that people will see whether it is the kitchen cabinets, the bathroom fixtures, or living room walls. A dodgy builder might focus their attention on these visible areas and cut costs in the critical unseen components.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, you need to hire a builder that has a proven record of good quality renovations work.

Or you could also hire a Project Manager to oversee the actual construction work.

More Information On Hiring An Avondale Home Renovations Builder

House renovation builder AvondaleIt’s important to hire a renovations company that is going to provide you with good customer service every step of the way. This includes communication, an essential aspect before and during the complete renovations project.

To get a feel for what a builder is like when it comes to customer service, call them up and ask them a few questions about what you need to have done. If they are short with you and don’t seem to care about your concerns, then you shouldn’t work with them because they may not be the best at making you happy with the end-result they provide you with.

At Fever Pitch, we work closely with our clients to ensure that they understand all the stages of the renovations project. When issues crop up, if possible, we will tell the client as far in advance as possible. We don’t like surprises on a house renovation job, and we know our customers don’t either. Communication is key.

We have plenty of testimonials from happy customers. If you are in the thinking stage of a big home renovation and are looking for an Avondale home renovations builder, or surrounding areas, please put us to the test and call us on 021 209 2214 to see how we respond. Then let’s take it from there.

Alternatively, email us here admin@feverpitchbuilding.co.nz.